9 Dangerous Substances in a Cigarette

9 Dangerous Substances in a Cigarette

The warning of “Don’t Smoking” must be very familiar. Those two words can even be found anywhere. Of course, it is not exaggerated by remembering that smoking is indeed giving us so many terrible bad effects. One of the main consequences that you can find if you are routine in smoking is the heart diseases. It is around 20% of death cases are due to the heart diseases related to the smoking habit. Why is smoking very dangerous? Actually, you can just see it from the content contained in a stick of cigarette. There are more than 4000 chemical ingredients inside. Hundreds of them are very poisonous and around 70 others are potential for cancer. Here are then the substances in a cigarette.


Nicotine is one of the biggest substances contained in the cigarettes. The worse thing is that nicotine is considered as the most dangerous as well. There are some risks for the nicotine inhaling; they are the increasing of blood pressure, blood glucose, and heart beat. Besides, it is what makes the smokers are addicted in smoking.

Carbon monoxide

The substance that is commonly found from the residue of combustion and the exhaust is able to bind the hemoglobin of blood permanently. This can just obstruct the oxygen supply to the entire of our body. It can make you feel exhausted often and also give you some other health problems.


When you are smoking, the tar in the cigarettes will be inhaled as well. This substance surely settles in your lungs and gives some negative effects toward the lung performance. Tar is attached on the tiny hair that layers the lungs. The tiny hair, whereas, has a very important function; it is for remove the germs and other strange object that enter the area.

Oxidant Gas

This kind of gas tends to make a certain reaction when it meets the oxygen. While it enters our body, it can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack due to the blood clumping.


Benzene is likely one of the substances that must be contained in a stick of cigarette. This substance can also be found from fuel. What makes benzene is very dangerous is since it is able to damage the cells in the genetic level. More than that, the substance is also related to the appearance of many kinds of cancer like kidney cancer and leukemia.


This substance is known as the carcinogen or the cause of cancer for both animals and human. Consuming this substance in the long time period of course leads on cancer and the decreasing of immune system. More than that, it can bring other problems like skin and eye irritation and the respiratory disorder.


Another substance as cigarette ingredients is N-Nitrosamines that is also really potential to cause cancer particularly for human. The carcinogen comes from this substance is known as NNK or NNN. Another side effect of consuming this substance in the long term is the damage of your reproduction system.


It seems that there is no substance whether the natural or the additional that is good enough for your body. Butadiene is even worse than the others. Butadiene contains another substance namely teratogen. Teratogen is able to make someone become disable for its carcinogen characteristics. Aside from that, it can also irritate your eyes, ears, and upper part of your respiratory system.


Another carcinogen substance is Acrolein that is also a must thing to be contained in a cigarette. It has DNA mutagen. It means that it attacks your body system into the level of DNA. It causes some severe health problems like heart attack, skin irritation, and the disorder of respiratory system.

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