The History of Tobacco and Cigarettes

The History of Tobacco and Cigarettes

What is cigarette actually? It can be defined as a cylinder made from paper with various length and diameter for around 10 mm filled in by tiny slices of tobacco leaves. The cigarette is being burnt on one of the edges and it is letting to flame so that the smoke can be healed through the mouth. Modern cigarettes are packed and offered in a box so that it can be simply kept in the pocket. Currently, the package is also typed by the health message to warn the smokers how dangerous smoking is. Well, the warning is just a warning of course. When someone buys the cigarette it means that he or she must not even care about it.

Talking about the history of smoking is quite interesting. Based on the history noted, smoking was an activity done at the first time by people in certain American tribes such as Indian, Maya, and Aztec. Not using the paper, the tobacco was being packed into a pipe in which the size is quite bigger than the smoking pipe we know recently. This activity was done when some tribes are gathered together in order to tighten the relationship among them. Tobacco was also known as the medication at that time. Undeniably, there were indeed some benefits of tobacco although it seems that they were still less than the danger. Especially for Indian tribe, the tobacco was also used as the ritual tool to worship their gods. While Columbus was coming to this continent, some of the crew is trying to inhale the tobacco. They were so interested with the taste and decided to bring this tobacco inhaling culture to the Europe. One of the crews was Jean Nicot in which his name was immortalized for the term Nicotine. Different from Indian tribe that used the early cigarettes for ritual, European people particularly the aristocrats only use them for having fun.

Tobacco and Cigarettes

The popularity of tobacco made John Rolfe was interested to cultivate the tobacco more seriously. He was the first person who successfully planted the tobacco in a large scale. Then, this activity was followed by the trading and shipping the tobacco from USA to Europe. Scientifically, the guidance book of cultivating tobacco was firstly published by England in 1855. In 17th century, there were so many traders from Spain who entered Turkey so that the habit of smoking was known by Moslem and Middle East countries.

The habit of smoking was then recognized by people in many other countries in different sides of the world as the time goes by. The colonization made smoking was known as well by people in Asia. People then become more creative as well to make the cigarettes are more interesting and comfortable to be inhaled. The paper used is then made as smooth as possible to avoid such terrible problems like irritation. Besides, the packaging is getting simpler and more practical, cigarettes are also now produced in various taste. Not only is it tasted like tobacco, you can also find them in some other tastes like coffee and mint.

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